Getting it all done
using ShareForce.

Do you waste time searching through Excel files, sending emails back and forth, or performing vesting calculations? Luckily, ShareForce can help! Specialising in incentive plan technology solutions, we offer an end-to-end automated approach to managing even the most complex requirements of the award life cycle.


Automate the routine work

Let’s streamline your administrative processes. There’s no reason for these to be manual.


Design and test

Formulate your optimal plans in line with your company’s goals using our step-by-step setup process and testing environment.


Issue awards

Create a fully digital issue and acceptance process. Say “bye-bye” to paper-based tracking.



Utilise our vesting managers to notify you of upcoming tasks, calculate complex vesting percentages and release awards.


Exercise and settle

Have full control and oversight of trades and payment transactions, including the impact of taxes.


Employee engagement

Transform your communication to a multi-lingual and inclusive approach using personalised communication tools.


Account and report

Generate accounting reports instantaneously using our “slice and dice”, granular reporting functionality.



Perform complex IFRS 2 compliant valuations at the click of a button.


Cloud technology

ShareForce uses cloud technology to enable various departments within a company to manage their share and deferred cash incentive requirements using a single source of data, thereby improving efficiencies, reducing errors, and simplifying the complexities of an otherwise very complex process.

Global collaboration

ShareForce encourages collaboration amongst the stakeholders within the incentive plan lifecycle, no matter where you are in the world.


Lets streamline your process

If you would like to know more about our solutions, please submit an enquiry. One of our staff will call you to discuss your requirements in more detail and set up a meeting at your convenience.

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