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Total Shareholder Return: A common performance metric for share incentives

Whether you are overseeing your company’s Long-Term Incentive Plan, participating in your company’s incentives, or engaged in the financial accounting

Valuing complex share incentives using the Monte Carlo Method

No one can predict the future, even though we try our utmost to secure the outcomes we want – we

data security and privacy in technology-enabled incentive plan management

How to ensure Data Security and Privacy in Technology-Enabled Incentive Plan Management

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, technology-enabled incentive plan tools have revolutionised the management of equity and cash plans, providing organisations

How Incentive Plans Play a Role in Motivating Employees

Researchers have found that employee incentives are the secret ingredient that keeps employees energised and passionate about their work.
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The Power of Gamification in Employee Incentive Awards

Businesses worldwide are now recognising the potential of gamification as an instrument to effectively engage employees. Gamification, the concept of

employee retention benefits

Employees may be replaceable…but at what cost?

Retaining high-quality staff can be expensive, but so can high staff turnover. Businesses are built on making profits; thus, when