Optimise your plan administration.

ShareForce’s integrated technology removes the complexities and manual aspects of managing your administrative processes. ShareForce helps you maintain all your participant information and award activity, prepare new award issues, vest your awards timeously, and monitor and track the full settlement process from trade to payment.


Automate your workflows to save time

Award issue

Manage your award process easily, using our easy step-by-step electronic approach to issue branded award letters that can be accepted and tracked digitally.

  • Branded templates
  • Customisable letters
  • Email notifications
  • Plan flyers and documents
  • Award elections
  • Digital acceptance
  • On-behalf-of acceptances


Manage and control all upcoming vestings for any performance-linked or retention awards with dashboard notifications and task reminders.

  • Pre-vesting communication
  • Pre or post-vesting settlement elections
  • Bulk releases
  • Vesting calculators
  • Vesting remuneration reports
  • Lock-in period management
  • Prorate vesting

Settlement management

Manage and track trades and payments for cash or equity-settled plans, including approvals, trades, tax calculations, payments and post-settlement communication.

  • Embargo or closed period management
  • Bulk trades or participant-initiated exercises
  • Electronic trading
  • Automated tax directives
  • Mobility and prorate tax calculations

“In providing us with a solution to administrate the share appreciation bonus scheme, ShareForce has proven exceptional in all respects and nothing is too much trouble. This combined with good work ethic and a high degree of enthusiasm, afforded our company to benefit from a team that is able to follow through and ensure that the job gets done.”

“This solution has not only simplified our processes and reduced the amount of overall administrative risk in managing our schemes, but has also allowed us to engage directly in a meaningful way with our key employees.”



Dashboards reflecting administration tasks


Data storage for participant and award details


Management of leavers, staff transfers, rejoiners, and access


Batch uploaders for bulk maintenance of data


Audit trails, logs and timestamps


Digital approvals


Closed periods and embargos management


Access rights controls


Document storage for letters, booklets and flyers

Safe and synced

Protecting sensitive information is our top priority, and we ensure this by using AWS servers that conform to the most stringent privacy laws. Data access is controlled through access rights that are assigned to administrative users across departments.

Everything in one place

One accurate data source, which is continuously backed up, means that your company’s employee details and share award allocations are always up-to-date and accessible. Consolidate all your tasks by using the employee data management tool.

Report on the bigger picture, or every little detail

Customised or standard reports are available for all stakeholders, allowing your business to make data-driven and strategic decisions easily. Customise pivot tables and slice and dice data to assist with your analysis and generate reports on-the-fly, with maximum transparency using live award data.

Avoid errors, go paperless

Avoid tedious manual spreadsheets and paperwork and improve data management. Take away the stress of managing your internal processes.

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